Leisure Activities from a Socially Distant View

With the daily updates having us in a state of post lockdown, but with the idea of another lockdown being in a not too distant future, one of the few open resources for our health and wellbeing has been the leisure industry. Gyms and Sport Centres across the nation have been shut all this time and has led to a number of requests and changes being put in place.

With such measures as arriving dressed and prepared; no changing or shower facilities; reduced attendance; gym towels for personal use only and potentially disposed of immediately – there are a lot of different circumstances that the industry has to consider to ensure public safety.

Our associates at TurboStatics, with whom we sell the Victory ElctrostaticSprayer lines, recently tweeted:

The seminar will explore the baseline of COVID-19 in 2020 and hopes to “..define a pathway forward to a new ‘normal’..” and where physical activity is seen at the core and access is available to all with sustainable funding into an unpredictable future.

Obesity will also be a talking point with a rise across the UK since lockdown, but actions being taken by the government seem to be mixed. For starters there is the ban of Fast Food advertising after 9pm and a push to end “Buy One Meal, Get One Free”. However, a recent drop in VAT for such restaurants as McDonalds and KFC means the food is also cheaper and easily available. Services such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats also had a 20% rise in spending at the start of the Lockdown Period.

But with people wanting to change and make a positive move towards a healthier lifestyle, hopefully the government will assist with the leisure industry’s push to tackle all these issues together and offer another way for the public to be safe and heal in their own way.
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