Helping To Protect Everyone In The New Normal

Versoshield is a leading medical product design company and in what is being known as the "New Normal" era, they have produced the Versoshield PPE Face Shield, which has been designed from the ground up to provide protection for work environments where social distancing is difficult to maintain. This product has managed to make massive changes to some of the busier enviroments here in the UK and made a difference in the re-opening of one of the UK's largest DIY store chains, B&Q.

For anyone who has been out to go to work at any essential service or to do something as basic as grocery shopping, you will be more than aware of the "Social Distancing Rule" which is simply to keep a safe distance away from each other. Recommended by the Government on March 30th 2020, the expected distance is 2 Metres apart, which in this "New Normal" has created an etiqutte that can now be seen far and wide. People having converstations with a wide gap between them; orderly (or more orderly, we are British) queue systems; One way systems in stores; and even a step-forward-step-back dance at checkouts in order to do things like pay and pack.

Whilst these instructions seemed strange at the time, they have now become second nature and general practice - again, another part of the New Normal. Versoshield however noted that "In general people are not used to maintaining a 2M distance and, despite best efforts, break the rule in work and social situations." This is sadly the case and while in some cases it would be fine with a bit more patience and understanding, its not always the case for working staff, and additionally those people who are around those working staff.

With this in mind, and to keep everyone safe the Versoshield PPE Face Shield aesthetics are designed to be accepted as the new accessory for this New Normal.

As shown in the Introduction by Versoshield Director, Darren Parsons, Versoshield is durable, reusable and designed to last as long as the virus does. It is easily cleaned and has low cost replaceable screens. In this current global situation, the Versoshield is seen as an investiment in protection, a comfortable stylish device that will keep you protected and will last as long as you need it.

Versoshield made comparisons to other well known PPE choices that have become increasingly popular in the past month or so:

Versoshield PPE Comparison with Popular PPE Products

What this explained what that while other popular PPE choices are suitable for their various requirements, the deisgn points of the Face Shield was to incorportate these protective elements but expand in areas such as comfort and durability. In the manufacturing of the Face Shield, they produced a protective equipment that would keep the wearer safe, but not be uncomfortable during long periods of use and still keep to all the required specifcations needed.

Hopefully in time these will be used for general protection that has less of a global influence than the situation currently, but for the purpose of keeping safe during a busy day in these New Normal times, Versoshield has certainly managed to help.

When not analysing numbers, devloping websites, creating content or just generally being helpful, David can be found drinking coffee and contemplating new ways of doing any of the aforementioned tasks.



Versoshield Anti-Fog Full Face Shield Washable PPE Mask

The Verso shield is now available for purchase here at Anchor Medical for £29.95 + Next Day Shipping. To purchase yours today, click here.


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